Oh, the joy's of orange for Fall. I love the texture of this shirt & big buttons. It looks good with anything from jeans, skirts, to even shorts. It was one of my thrift store finds this summer and truthfully i couldn't be happier with my $3 purchase.

Shirt- Thrifted
Skirt- Bananna Republic
Sweater- Freeway
Heels- Bandolino


Grandma Slippers....

Not your grandma's Slippers...There is something comforting about these slippers. Don't you think? Maybe, because they remind me of something my grandma would've worn {obviously not these particular ones but defiantly the style} OR maybe because they have fun patterns, studs, and tassels. Come on, who doesn't enjoy a good tassel. Whatever your reason for eyeing these, they are HOT this Fall.

 Christian Louboutin {found here}

 Fun Dalmatian {found here}

Zebra with Tassels {found here}

 Sparkly and ready for any Holiday party {found here}

 Everyday Leopard {Found here}

Now the question: to like these slippers or not? I found that some people call these "Pony Slippers", but then every time I searched for "Pony Slippers" I kept getting "My Little Pony" slippers {funny}. My verdict is still out on these slippers. What do you think?