NEW to my Closet Family...

I am HAPPY to announce that I am the proud owner of Jeffery Campbell wedges--Whoa Woo...these are the ones I have been eyeing/drooling over all summer!!!

If you remember I posted about "Wedges..the Higher the better!" and in the post, I talked about these wedges and how they were on my want list!! Well, I am not going to lie, when things go on my want list, its more or less just a list, of things that I beyond love, but could only really dream about! Especially now that my hubby will be student teaching in the fall, which by the way, I am SO proud of him for being so close to graduating! Anyways..back to the amazing shoes!!

Where I found them...

I was shopping for work clothes at one of my favorite second hand stores, Buffalo Exchange, which normally I only find one thing out of what seems like 100. BUT, today was jackpot day!! I walked away with GREAT finds...2 dresses, 2 cool blouses, 1 sweet necklace, 1 fantastic bracelet, and 1 cute skirt that has elephants on it...weird I know but I promise it's cute...
BUT the BEST thing of all was the Jeffery Campbell Wedges..that I got for $35.


Thursday DAY trip....

Thursday, I had the honor of taking a day trip up to Williams, AZ. I went with one of my best friends Kim and my old Young Life girl Gabbie. We were asked to help out at a Spa Day, that the Young Life camp, Lost Canyon was holding for their Young Lives group. Young Lives is an outreach to teen moms. So the whole week, the camp was full of teen moms and their babies. There were well over 150 teen moms plus their kids, it was crazy and so awesome!!
These teen moms were from all over the USA, some from Missouri, New Mexico, Georgia, and Mississippi. 

Kim, Gabbie, and I had the privilege of serving these girls at their Spa Day, which included- pedicures, manicures (which is what we did), massages, and facials. What was awesome, was the girls had no idea that what was in store for them!! 

It was a blast serving the girls and getting to know them. They are inspirational and SO brave to raise a kid at such a young age. I was just blown away by their strength and love for their babies, it was admirable.

Here are a few pic's from the trip....

1st Stop-An old building that we had 
to stop and take pictures by

Kim's 25 cent necklace, that she loves!! And who wouldn't for 25 cents

Kim is a fellow bloger also- so this is her in action :)

2nd Stop- Lost Canyon- full of all the baby strollers and toys

Here's our manicure stuff...

I attempted a Half-Moon on one brave mom's hands, 
she was such a great sport about it!

One of the volunteers awesome shirt 

3rd Stop- on our way out of Williams, we 
found a sweet bear to take pics with..here's lovely Gabbie

4th Stop before heading home..Pizza

Over all we had a Great trip!! On our way home we sang 99 bottles of beer on the wall- ALL the way threw!!! It was really hard, and took us about 18 minutes I think..haha it was fun though, and definitely something Iam never going to do again, but at least I can now say that I have done it.


Wednesday's Weekly Obsessions...

I have been loving this past week...

1. Anthropologie's Catalog- I have a confession, normally when I look threw their catalog I find maybe a handful of things that I like, but this new catalog, I LOVE IT...there isn't a page that I don't like at least one thing on!! I especially love this green cape. I've been trying to find a vintage cape for awhile now. No luck though....

2. Figs- I've been eating them like apples...they are delicious, you can get them now at Trader Joes or Fresh and Easy.

3. Chuck- my Hubby and I have just started watching the season, thanks to our good fiend Chris, she's letting us borrow the 1 & 2 seasons, SO far...WE are loving it!!

4. Ke$ha- I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have been listening to "The Remix Album" all week long!! Her songs just make me want to dance and be surrounded by glitter...


my Husbands Jeans..

I raided my husbands closet a few days ago, I got him months ago a pair of Citizens jeans, which he hasn't worn, because, its the summer months. So, I decided to put them to good use!!

 Jeans- Mens Citizens
Necklaces- Thrifted
Wedges-Star Ling

What's funny is I just saw on someones blog, that they picked my Star Ling wedges as the "ugly shoes of the week" a few years ago. hahaha, oh well, I love them and they are definitely the most comfortable wedges I own. 

Hot Rollers....

One of my awesome friends, Leah, lent me one of her extra Hot Roller sets. I was super excited to get them in my hair and try them out. So, when I got home, I put them in right away!! It was fun, my sweet hubby helped me, which was cute and much needed. As you can see by the picture, I could use all the help I could get. And, even with the help, we still didn't do that great of a job...

After they cooled down, I took them out, and may I say WOW....
I look like a Dallas beauty queen.

I have enjoyed using the Hot Rollers and I am definitely sure I will keep using them. As soon as I ran my fingers threw that Dallas hair, it tamed down and looked pretty good, might I say. Plus, it is super easy, which all of you know I love.


half moon...manicure

This look combines two ideas, the two toned nails and french tips, but with a twist. This "new" look pays homage to the 1940s burlesque era, with it's vintage vibe. It has been all the rage and is done best in eye popping colors with a white contrast. 
The idea is to completely paint your nails, but leave the ‘half-moon’ unpainted or painted in a different color at the base of the finger. Its an eye-catching look to spice up your nails. 

I am loving this look, plus I watched a youtube video on it. The girl came up with the best idea on how to accomplish this look, she used those circle reinforcements, the ones you use when you tear your page, that goes into your 3 ring binders. Iam sure they have a name...but to me they are the reinforcer circles...

Here's the video I found, that made it super easy to accomplish

Now, I just need to go to the store, to buy some those "reinforcer circles" so I can try this out....

Muti-Colored Hair.....YES Please.....

Muti-colored hair is becoming a huge fad right now. It's been around for awhile, first being seen in late 2010 in fashion shows and since on the Red Carpt. BUT, now even sweet Lauren Conrad decided to Multi-color her hair after her resent break-up from long term boyfriend, Kyle Howard. I love LC and her terrifc classic style.

On Lauren Conrad's blog, she posted a step by step on how to achieve this look.

When I was in my early 20s, my best friend and I would sometimes dye each other's hair. She was naturally a dark brunette, almost black, and I was a was bleach blonde. One day, she decided to dye her hair red!! and I was like "Heck yeah, let's do this". We dyed her hair, and after, there was still some dye left. So, we decided to dye the underneath of my hair red. We did it, not really thinking things out, and the red turned my bleach blonde BRIGHT PINK...luckily it was only underneath.

Needles to say, this was during my extremely Preppy stage of life (late 90s-early 2000). Don't judge, you know you have all had one, espeacilly if you watched Dawson's Creek. Plus, that's when Abercombie was the thing and they actually produced cloths, not these ridiculous 2 inch mini skirts.

Well, Preppy and hot pink hair does not go together, but at the time, I totally didn't care. I was young and I ended up LOVING it. I always think back to those days, and a part of me still wishes I had the pink underneath.

So, that's why when I saw that Multi-colored hair was becoming more of a popular trend, I couldn't help but remember the good old days of my pink and blonde hair.

If you are like me, and  really want to try Multi-color but if you actually dyed your hair you would get fired!! You can check out your favorite beauty supply store for clip ins, like these from Ulta for only $8 bucks...  


Neutrals...with hints of black...

Purse- Victoria Secret-Thrifted
White Boyfriend Jeans- Loft
Necklaces-Gift and one Thrifted
Shoes- Nine West-Thrifted

Meet Virginia Design


Frozen Yogurt....

Last Sunday night, my husband and I went to get frozen yogurt, that's been our big outing this summer. It was a cooler night, which meant my amazing hubby who loves me dearly, wouldn't have to stand in the blazing hot sun taking my pictures, instead he would be standing in the hot sun taking some pictures. He has been such a trooper going out with me, taking pictures, he has only really complained once and that was because he had sweat dripping into his eyes. For some reason he doesn't like that :) But HEY it's the price you have to pay for fashion sometimes.

Shoes and Purse- Target
Boyfriend Jeans- Ann Taylor
Silk Tank- Loft
Earrings- Vintage clip Ons
Bracelets- Random Thrift store finds


Summer Hair Trends....

1. Flat Buns- Ballerina buns were really popular for the fall and spring, but now instead of the classic ballerina bun, you are going to pull the bun out as much as you can, and secure with bobby pins if necessary. 

What I love about the Flat Bun is, my go to hair already is the ballerina bun, so making the slight alterations will be easy for me, plus I LOVE easy hair.

2. Braids- Oh my gosh, braids are everywhere!! From the Red Carpet to bloggers around the world. What's nice about this trend is any braid goes!! If you want to place it smack in front do it! If you want it hidden in your pony tail, sure why not! 

But the real "hot" braid is the side braid, Alexander Wang introduced the messy side braid, in his Spring 2010 runway show, and ever since it's been a total hit!!!

Alexander Wangs Runway Show 2010

Now if you are like me, I can only do a simple braid. Truthfully they never even look good, so I found a tutorial on YouTube (where I find everything I dont know how to do) to share with you.

3. Parted Hair with Barrette- I think this trend is so FUN and CHIC. Plus talk about easy!! When my hair was blonde and I didn't have bangs, this was pretty much the only style I did, except I was never daring enough for a big barrette I just used Bobby Pins.  

4. Fedora's, Wide Brimmed Hats, and Turbans- Fedora's have been hot for a few summers now, but Wide Brimmed Hats are making a come back, and then we have a newbie the Turban. I love all three of these! But unfortunately I live in Phoenix, so wearing these are more of an evening thing and only if I hurry and run inside, before my head melts away :)

This has been one of my FAVORITE bloggers  for over a year now Karlascloset.com supporting the Turban in one of her latest blogs

Again, If you are thinking to yourself "How in the heck am I going to do a Turban" Well...On one of my new favorite blogs theconcretecatwalk.com, she gives a great tutorial on how to create a Turban using your scarves.

5. Cheerleader Pony Tail- It's time to retire those low ponies and upgrade them. Place your pony on your crown or just below your crown. For an easy summer upgrade.

Hope this helps when you, when you are getting ready and trying to figure out a "new" summer hairstyle. Please let me know how you incorporated these into your summer! Email, Twitter, or Comment below.