Frozen Yogurt....

Last Sunday night, my husband and I went to get frozen yogurt, that's been our big outing this summer. It was a cooler night, which meant my amazing hubby who loves me dearly, wouldn't have to stand in the blazing hot sun taking my pictures, instead he would be standing in the hot sun taking some pictures. He has been such a trooper going out with me, taking pictures, he has only really complained once and that was because he had sweat dripping into his eyes. For some reason he doesn't like that :) But HEY it's the price you have to pay for fashion sometimes.

Shoes and Purse- Target
Boyfriend Jeans- Ann Taylor
Silk Tank- Loft
Earrings- Vintage clip Ons
Bracelets- Random Thrift store finds

1 comment:

  1. Really loving this look, especially the colours. Just bought a top for fall in that bergundy and you make me so excited to wear it! And I can't believe those shoes are Target, I just love them xo