Summer Hair Trends....

1. Flat Buns- Ballerina buns were really popular for the fall and spring, but now instead of the classic ballerina bun, you are going to pull the bun out as much as you can, and secure with bobby pins if necessary. 

What I love about the Flat Bun is, my go to hair already is the ballerina bun, so making the slight alterations will be easy for me, plus I LOVE easy hair.

2. Braids- Oh my gosh, braids are everywhere!! From the Red Carpet to bloggers around the world. What's nice about this trend is any braid goes!! If you want to place it smack in front do it! If you want it hidden in your pony tail, sure why not! 

But the real "hot" braid is the side braid, Alexander Wang introduced the messy side braid, in his Spring 2010 runway show, and ever since it's been a total hit!!!

Alexander Wangs Runway Show 2010

Now if you are like me, I can only do a simple braid. Truthfully they never even look good, so I found a tutorial on YouTube (where I find everything I dont know how to do) to share with you.

3. Parted Hair with Barrette- I think this trend is so FUN and CHIC. Plus talk about easy!! When my hair was blonde and I didn't have bangs, this was pretty much the only style I did, except I was never daring enough for a big barrette I just used Bobby Pins.  

4. Fedora's, Wide Brimmed Hats, and Turbans- Fedora's have been hot for a few summers now, but Wide Brimmed Hats are making a come back, and then we have a newbie the Turban. I love all three of these! But unfortunately I live in Phoenix, so wearing these are more of an evening thing and only if I hurry and run inside, before my head melts away :)

This has been one of my FAVORITE bloggers  for over a year now Karlascloset.com supporting the Turban in one of her latest blogs

Again, If you are thinking to yourself "How in the heck am I going to do a Turban" Well...On one of my new favorite blogs theconcretecatwalk.com, she gives a great tutorial on how to create a Turban using your scarves.

5. Cheerleader Pony Tail- It's time to retire those low ponies and upgrade them. Place your pony on your crown or just below your crown. For an easy summer upgrade.

Hope this helps when you, when you are getting ready and trying to figure out a "new" summer hairstyle. Please let me know how you incorporated these into your summer! Email, Twitter, or Comment below.


  1. This is a great post, i love braids and plaits x

  2. Love all these hair trends- I want to try them out! Thanks for your comment-following you now!

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  3. Thanks for the hair tips. ;)