Canning Jam..

When I was a little girl, I would spend the summers in Kansas City with my grandparents, in their big farm house. Those summers to me are like precious gold, I carry them very safely in my heart. Those memories consist of canning, which we would go to gardens, pick fruits and veggies, then consuming a whole day in the kitchen to can all the goodies we got. My grandmother, aunts and mom would all get together and can. Those memories are so precious to me that I wanted to create some more. 

So here I am on my summer vacation and wanting to make something super cute for Christmas presents, and I thought....OH I should make JAM. Its cute, fun, and it will be future memories. So I had my mom come down from Cottonwood and my mother-in-law who is always willing, come help me with this little adventure

1. We had to go to one of my best friends Kim's (lovingcoffeeandsunshine.blogspot.com) house and pick figs, she has a beautiful fig tree, you can see it on her blog.

2. Cut and washed all the fruit
Raspberries, Peaches, Mango, Figs, and Strawberries

3. Had to then sterilize all the jars

4. Smash the fruit

5. In one pot heat all the Jam ingredients, in another heat the lids

6. When done heating, we poured the Jam into jars, sealed and WHAM its done 

We made Raspberry Peach, Strawberry Fig, and Tropical Jam

We ended up with 3 dozen mini jars of jam.

This was SUCH a fun thing to do with my mom and mother-in-law!
Plus it was super easy....Now Iam excited to make some labels and find some awesome fabric to place on the lids. 


  1. I would like the Raspberry Peach, please. :)

  2. thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! please come back and visit again!!

  3. Ooh pick me for Raspberry Peach also! :) I will pay you :) Love the blog so far becca!

  4. I hope I get some of that jam. :)