Farmers market.....

For the first time ever my Hubs and I got to go to the Farmers Market together! Woo Whoa...We had a lot of fun together, looking at all the fun vegetables, watching belly-dancers {weird right}, eating from Food Trucks, and The Hubs having his first Drip-Coffee..

My Hubs has been OBSESSED with coffee lately, First he HAD to buy a drip-coffee, then last weekend a French-Press..But I don't mind he's been making me iced coffee everyday so It's been nice

Pumpkins are SO much fun!!!
Last year My Hubs gave all mine away to
the neighborhood kids...it was sweet, sort of




Felicity has been my latest obsession. I use to watch it when it aired in 1998 and loved it! In August, my adorable husband talked me into Netflix. I was reluctant at first, because ... I admit it ... I have a (BIG) TV addiction. That addiction is now in full swing thanks to Netflix, and me finding Felicity on it!!

In the show, Felicity only wears sweaters!! Cable knit, short sleeved ones, turtle necks, and any other type of sweater you can think of. At first I was like...WOW, they really didn't care about fashion in this show. But, every time I watched the show I felt this time warp thing happen and I flashed back to what I wore in high school & what was the "It" clothing of the time (which, by the way, was in the late 90s) AND...I was shocked!!! This show was being fashionable!! Oh dear...

What's even crazier is that all those sweaters she wore religiously in the show (and I was originally repulsed by)...are stylish again. 
Cable knit and Cozy is huge this Fall.I guess I need to do some embracing in my life..

Duffy- Cashmere Turtleneck
Current/Elliott-The Roller

This look is Inspired by my Felicity addiction. It's kind of Boring...but if you watch the show, her outfits aren't all that exciting... unless she wears her red dress.


emma stone...

I am pretty sure I have a Girl-Crush on the gorgeous Emma. She's so chic, sophisticated, and just down right FANTASTIC...what I love about her the most is she doesn't feel the need to reveal or expose her body like most Hollywood leading ladies and yet she still looks killer! Thank you, Emma Stone {& stylist} for being a good role model.

Seriously, every time I see her I am blown away with yet another lovely outfit. Just when I think she can't look anymore gorgeous..there she is looking even more fantastic. I am pretty sure it's not fair! EVEN more unfair, she got to make out with Ryan Gosling, in Crazy Stupid Love {great movie}

Gorgeous rich jewel toned fitted dress with train from Channel Fall 2009 Couture Collection she wore to an Oscar party this year.

@ the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, she rocked a Bottega Veneta dress

In a wonderful color blocking dress by Giambattista Valli

A one-shoulder lacy cocktail number by Stella McCartney

Simply elegant one shoulder dress by Lanvin at the BAFTA Awards

AH...love it and the shoes, leopard print is always the way to go. Dress Dolce & Gabbana 

Even her street wear is lust worthy


lovin Jcrew....

I am totally in LOVE with JCrew's Fall collection. They have always been known for their classic pieces. Always timeless and easily wearable for years to come..That's part of why I've had a crush on them for years now.

What I am lovin about their 2011 Fall collection is the rich hues, the prints, how they mixed and matched. All of it. Now, normally I'm not a pants kind of lady, but lately I don't know...there must be something in the pre-fall air {since I live in Phoenix, it's still in the 90s, so fall..is not yet here} that makes me wanta go out and buy up ALL the fun trousers...and start wearing them immediately, even though I would be sweating profusely.

I'm also lovin their coats. Having a quality coat that fits is key to anyone's fall wardrobe. It's espeacially an easy update.


Sunday Jeans....

I have been on the look out for new jeans...& trust me when I say this, it has been extremely difficult. I wanted to find a pair that were dark washed, straight legged (but not skinnies), wanted to be able to roll them or wear them down, and also to be able to wear them with heels or flats...So pretty much my list was long and ridiculous. Especially for someone who is curvy and not a size 2... 

My quest started on Sunday at Nordstroms, trying on at least 6 pairs of jeans. Hudsons, Paige, Citizens, and others that I am  trying to block out of my memory since it was such a horrible experience...But, I for some reason kept going...I went into 7 for All Mankind. The salesman was very sweet in trying to help me find that perfect pair...he probably gave me 12 different styles, washes, and cuts...BUT again..no luck. It was quite depressing, to say the least.

Then, my husband and I walked into Anthro (right after I wiped my tears from a crying spell in the middle of the mall since my jeans trip was so depressing). I was NOT going to try on another pair of jeans..so we walked around the store, just enjoying all the pretty things. Then I saw them... The Pilcro and the Letterpress..fit Stet-slim ankle... And the BEST part? I got 20% off.


Friday Pizza...that I made again on Sunday...

My husband and I love to make pizza, that's probably one of our favorite dishes to make together. We just made a delicious one, on Friday that had Asparagus on it. I am not going to lie at first I thought it was weird to put Asparagus on my pizza, but now I am like why would I NOT put Asparagus on my pizza....

Ingredients: Asparagus, parmesan, goat cheese, olive oil, flour, and already made pizza dough...

The package of the pizza dough states to leave the dough at room temperature for 20 minutes before using it, I would listen to the package :) in fact I leave it out for about 30-40.

After you spread the oil on the dough, break off the asparagus, because you don't want the tough part to be left on the pizza, because who likes tough pizza...

Now, I normally like Trader Joe's pizza dough, but I was at Fresh & Easy, so I got there dough. I have found by using the Fresh & Easy dough, that if I break it into two parts it cooks better for me. 

Also another helpful hint, we have figured out is when you bake them, place pizza on the bottom rack,  it cooks the dough throughly and doesn't cook the top too quickly.

We had a guest over on Friday night, so I placed the pizza on a butcher block, for presentation, and put olives in a small bowl in the center...you could also put nuts with apples.

we love the pizza...and I hope if you make it, you will too..


my Thrift find...

This week I was on Fall break...which was wonderful. I highly enjoyed my break and was super thankful for it. One day, I went thrifting with my mom, where I found these sweet shoes. 

For only $3..I totally love them.


One Year Anniversary..

HELLO old friends...it's been such a long time!! I am so sorry for that...life has been crazy.

But I do have exciting news..last weekend, October 2nd, my husband and I celebrated our one year!!  It was a fantastic weekend, we stayed up in Cottonwood AZ, then drove to Flagstaff, Jerome, and Sedona. It was a weekend full of eating well, relaxing, and watching Lost.

I was looking back at our wedding photos and GOSH I loved my wedding, and had so much fun!! Here are some of my favorite pictures....

Our colors were Silver & White, plus it was at night so lights everywhere, and tons of candles on every table...All I really remember about the ceremony is that I kept switching my name and Andrews..and the guest kept laughing and I didn't understand why...We also adored our photographer he was fantastic you should check out his other work..or if you are looking for a great photographer in the Valley of the Sun..Chris Ward is the guy

my Jim Hjelm dress that I LOVED

My Husband insisted they had to wear suspenders..it was a super idea

I beyond loved my hair and birdcage

My bridesmaids dresses were Cheeta print by Banana Republic, they carried Baby's Breath with silver satin ribbon

our first dance...Andrew picked  "Moondance" by Van Morrison 

and last but not least one of the more fun parts of the evening was our PhotoBooth, 
where guest could go to get their picture taken.

It was so much fun to look back at our wedding, remembering things that I totally forgot. And the BEST part was marring the man, who not only is my best friend but the most fantastic  part of my life, love you babe....always will