Sunday Jeans....

I have been on the look out for new jeans...& trust me when I say this, it has been extremely difficult. I wanted to find a pair that were dark washed, straight legged (but not skinnies), wanted to be able to roll them or wear them down, and also to be able to wear them with heels or flats...So pretty much my list was long and ridiculous. Especially for someone who is curvy and not a size 2... 

My quest started on Sunday at Nordstroms, trying on at least 6 pairs of jeans. Hudsons, Paige, Citizens, and others that I am  trying to block out of my memory since it was such a horrible experience...But, I for some reason kept going...I went into 7 for All Mankind. The salesman was very sweet in trying to help me find that perfect pair...he probably gave me 12 different styles, washes, and cuts...BUT again..no luck. It was quite depressing, to say the least.

Then, my husband and I walked into Anthro (right after I wiped my tears from a crying spell in the middle of the mall since my jeans trip was so depressing). I was NOT going to try on another pair of jeans..so we walked around the store, just enjoying all the pretty things. Then I saw them... The Pilcro and the Letterpress..fit Stet-slim ankle... And the BEST part? I got 20% off.


  1. I love Pilcro. I have a few pants of theirs and I dig them. I've never tried on the jeans before. I need new jeans too. I ripped two holes in my favorite J.Brands. Sad day!! I've cried over sad jeans trips before. they are the worst!

  2. Great outfit!