Felicity has been my latest obsession. I use to watch it when it aired in 1998 and loved it! In August, my adorable husband talked me into Netflix. I was reluctant at first, because ... I admit it ... I have a (BIG) TV addiction. That addiction is now in full swing thanks to Netflix, and me finding Felicity on it!!

In the show, Felicity only wears sweaters!! Cable knit, short sleeved ones, turtle necks, and any other type of sweater you can think of. At first I was like...WOW, they really didn't care about fashion in this show. But, every time I watched the show I felt this time warp thing happen and I flashed back to what I wore in high school & what was the "It" clothing of the time (which, by the way, was in the late 90s) AND...I was shocked!!! This show was being fashionable!! Oh dear...

What's even crazier is that all those sweaters she wore religiously in the show (and I was originally repulsed by)...are stylish again. 
Cable knit and Cozy is huge this Fall.I guess I need to do some embracing in my life..

Duffy- Cashmere Turtleneck
Current/Elliott-The Roller

This look is Inspired by my Felicity addiction. It's kind of Boring...but if you watch the show, her outfits aren't all that exciting... unless she wears her red dress.


  1. Oh my, i just love that you are taking fashion advice from Felicity. I loved that show as well.

    Now go show off your turtleneck sweater :]


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  5. Love that movie. Your sample outfit totally works!