Friday Pizza...that I made again on Sunday...

My husband and I love to make pizza, that's probably one of our favorite dishes to make together. We just made a delicious one, on Friday that had Asparagus on it. I am not going to lie at first I thought it was weird to put Asparagus on my pizza, but now I am like why would I NOT put Asparagus on my pizza....

Ingredients: Asparagus, parmesan, goat cheese, olive oil, flour, and already made pizza dough...

The package of the pizza dough states to leave the dough at room temperature for 20 minutes before using it, I would listen to the package :) in fact I leave it out for about 30-40.

After you spread the oil on the dough, break off the asparagus, because you don't want the tough part to be left on the pizza, because who likes tough pizza...

Now, I normally like Trader Joe's pizza dough, but I was at Fresh & Easy, so I got there dough. I have found by using the Fresh & Easy dough, that if I break it into two parts it cooks better for me. 

Also another helpful hint, we have figured out is when you bake them, place pizza on the bottom rack,  it cooks the dough throughly and doesn't cook the top too quickly.

We had a guest over on Friday night, so I placed the pizza on a butcher block, for presentation, and put olives in a small bowl in the center...you could also put nuts with apples.

we love the pizza...and I hope if you make it, you will too..

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  1. Looks so good!