Where Have I Been....

My last post was almost a Year ago...A whole year!?!!??
WHERE have I BEEN....

Well, life has been a roller coaster this past year. After Christmas mi Madre had a stroke, which she ended up in the hospital for a week, and did I mention we had just started our vacation in Colorado. Other than living in the hospital with her for a week we LOVED the BEAUTIFUL state. Her recovery was also an adjustment to the family, her eating differently (we found out she has diabetes that was causing mini strokes), living with us for a month, and her not being able to drive in case she had another stroke. 

I was tired and stressed, which is just life, right? So that was the months of January and February.

March & April, who knows what I was doing....

But the end of April & starting of May, I had the chance to experience something GREAT...@ my church they have a program called Weigh Less to Feed More. I always heard wonderful things about the program & I know the lady who runs it does a FANTASTIC job providing Holy Yoga & Revelation Fitness for our church. Those reasons alone are enough for someone to want to check out the program, but not for me. I was in search of something....
The Hubs during April, told me that I was never happy, all I did was sleep, and that I NEVER felt well. Which in my defense I was like " Hello.. my mother just had a stroke & it's very stressful!"

But in my mind I was like..."Oh, my gosh Becca you're not even 30 yet & is this how your life is going to be??!!Sleeping all the time, never feeling well, being bitter, hating people, angry & the list goes on & on....."

So my search for something was founded in Weigh Less to Feed More. Two wonderful things happened when I went through the program         

          1. I realized how 

             broken I was...&

             tired of doing  

             it on my own.

          2. That I never ate,

             because it made me 

             feel gross.

Come to find out that I have a Gluten Allergy (not an intolerance) & my body hates Dairy....which is sad for me because my taste buds LOVE Dairy....So that means for me, a total different way of eating, which truthfully is hard, because I love to go out and eat. And if I want my body to feel normal I have to make food at home, or pay a small fortune @ a restaurant. 

Other Reasons I've been away....Because of my food Allergies I was constantly gaining weight...nothing fit, I got to my largest size ever...& just felt ugly, big, & unattractive. But here's the thing with Beauty. It's not a size, or a certain look, it’s your heart & my heart was so in tangled with ugliness & bitterness. I breathed ugly because that was what my heart looked like. It doesn't matter what size my pants are, my heart reflected ugly & that’s how I felt.

All this to be said. The Lord healed me & every day that I am willing too, He heals me some more. I am a constant work of Art being molded, which truthfully most of the time is not fun & super hard. But in the end it’s worth it to not be breathing Ugly or feeling ugly on the inside....because who wants that?



Oh, the joy's of orange for Fall. I love the texture of this shirt & big buttons. It looks good with anything from jeans, skirts, to even shorts. It was one of my thrift store finds this summer and truthfully i couldn't be happier with my $3 purchase.

Shirt- Thrifted
Skirt- Bananna Republic
Sweater- Freeway
Heels- Bandolino


Grandma Slippers....

Not your grandma's Slippers...There is something comforting about these slippers. Don't you think? Maybe, because they remind me of something my grandma would've worn {obviously not these particular ones but defiantly the style} OR maybe because they have fun patterns, studs, and tassels. Come on, who doesn't enjoy a good tassel. Whatever your reason for eyeing these, they are HOT this Fall.

 Christian Louboutin {found here}

 Fun Dalmatian {found here}

Zebra with Tassels {found here}

 Sparkly and ready for any Holiday party {found here}

 Everyday Leopard {Found here}

Now the question: to like these slippers or not? I found that some people call these "Pony Slippers", but then every time I searched for "Pony Slippers" I kept getting "My Little Pony" slippers {funny}. My verdict is still out on these slippers. What do you think?


Farmers market.....

For the first time ever my Hubs and I got to go to the Farmers Market together! Woo Whoa...We had a lot of fun together, looking at all the fun vegetables, watching belly-dancers {weird right}, eating from Food Trucks, and The Hubs having his first Drip-Coffee..

My Hubs has been OBSESSED with coffee lately, First he HAD to buy a drip-coffee, then last weekend a French-Press..But I don't mind he's been making me iced coffee everyday so It's been nice

Pumpkins are SO much fun!!!
Last year My Hubs gave all mine away to
the neighborhood kids...it was sweet, sort of




Felicity has been my latest obsession. I use to watch it when it aired in 1998 and loved it! In August, my adorable husband talked me into Netflix. I was reluctant at first, because ... I admit it ... I have a (BIG) TV addiction. That addiction is now in full swing thanks to Netflix, and me finding Felicity on it!!

In the show, Felicity only wears sweaters!! Cable knit, short sleeved ones, turtle necks, and any other type of sweater you can think of. At first I was like...WOW, they really didn't care about fashion in this show. But, every time I watched the show I felt this time warp thing happen and I flashed back to what I wore in high school & what was the "It" clothing of the time (which, by the way, was in the late 90s) AND...I was shocked!!! This show was being fashionable!! Oh dear...

What's even crazier is that all those sweaters she wore religiously in the show (and I was originally repulsed by)...are stylish again. 
Cable knit and Cozy is huge this Fall.I guess I need to do some embracing in my life..

Duffy- Cashmere Turtleneck
Current/Elliott-The Roller

This look is Inspired by my Felicity addiction. It's kind of Boring...but if you watch the show, her outfits aren't all that exciting... unless she wears her red dress.


emma stone...

I am pretty sure I have a Girl-Crush on the gorgeous Emma. She's so chic, sophisticated, and just down right FANTASTIC...what I love about her the most is she doesn't feel the need to reveal or expose her body like most Hollywood leading ladies and yet she still looks killer! Thank you, Emma Stone {& stylist} for being a good role model.

Seriously, every time I see her I am blown away with yet another lovely outfit. Just when I think she can't look anymore gorgeous..there she is looking even more fantastic. I am pretty sure it's not fair! EVEN more unfair, she got to make out with Ryan Gosling, in Crazy Stupid Love {great movie}

Gorgeous rich jewel toned fitted dress with train from Channel Fall 2009 Couture Collection she wore to an Oscar party this year.

@ the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, she rocked a Bottega Veneta dress

In a wonderful color blocking dress by Giambattista Valli

A one-shoulder lacy cocktail number by Stella McCartney

Simply elegant one shoulder dress by Lanvin at the BAFTA Awards

AH...love it and the shoes, leopard print is always the way to go. Dress Dolce & Gabbana 

Even her street wear is lust worthy


lovin Jcrew....

I am totally in LOVE with JCrew's Fall collection. They have always been known for their classic pieces. Always timeless and easily wearable for years to come..That's part of why I've had a crush on them for years now.

What I am lovin about their 2011 Fall collection is the rich hues, the prints, how they mixed and matched. All of it. Now, normally I'm not a pants kind of lady, but lately I don't know...there must be something in the pre-fall air {since I live in Phoenix, it's still in the 90s, so fall..is not yet here} that makes me wanta go out and buy up ALL the fun trousers...and start wearing them immediately, even though I would be sweating profusely.

I'm also lovin their coats. Having a quality coat that fits is key to anyone's fall wardrobe. It's espeacially an easy update.