Thursday DAY trip....

Thursday, I had the honor of taking a day trip up to Williams, AZ. I went with one of my best friends Kim and my old Young Life girl Gabbie. We were asked to help out at a Spa Day, that the Young Life camp, Lost Canyon was holding for their Young Lives group. Young Lives is an outreach to teen moms. So the whole week, the camp was full of teen moms and their babies. There were well over 150 teen moms plus their kids, it was crazy and so awesome!!
These teen moms were from all over the USA, some from Missouri, New Mexico, Georgia, and Mississippi. 

Kim, Gabbie, and I had the privilege of serving these girls at their Spa Day, which included- pedicures, manicures (which is what we did), massages, and facials. What was awesome, was the girls had no idea that what was in store for them!! 

It was a blast serving the girls and getting to know them. They are inspirational and SO brave to raise a kid at such a young age. I was just blown away by their strength and love for their babies, it was admirable.

Here are a few pic's from the trip....

1st Stop-An old building that we had 
to stop and take pictures by

Kim's 25 cent necklace, that she loves!! And who wouldn't for 25 cents

Kim is a fellow bloger also- so this is her in action :)

2nd Stop- Lost Canyon- full of all the baby strollers and toys

Here's our manicure stuff...

I attempted a Half-Moon on one brave mom's hands, 
she was such a great sport about it!

One of the volunteers awesome shirt 

3rd Stop- on our way out of Williams, we 
found a sweet bear to take pics with..here's lovely Gabbie

4th Stop before heading home..Pizza

Over all we had a Great trip!! On our way home we sang 99 bottles of beer on the wall- ALL the way threw!!! It was really hard, and took us about 18 minutes I think..haha it was fun though, and definitely something Iam never going to do again, but at least I can now say that I have done it.

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