Thrift Store finds......

Yesterday my mother and I spent the whole day thrifting. Literally the whole day. I was exhausted by the end of it. BUT I did find some awesome finds!!!

1. Found some awesome watches to stack together. Now if you are going to try this look I would recommend having at least one watch that actually tells the time. Found that out the hard way yesterday. 

Watches Total..$5

2. I found this awesome pink velvet chair and ottoman. We have a guest bedroom that I am going to convert into my office/guest bedroom. My theme.....is Betsey Johnson, so the walls are pink!!!  Very pink...like WOW you have a Pepto Bismol colored room...which truthfully I will probably not keep it that pink but do more, of a softer pink. But for now I am just looking for other treasures I can add to the room. Like this sweet chair and ottoman.

chair.. $7

3. I found a Black and White Striped Mens XL Tank Top that I am converting into a dress.
4. An Express Denim Jacket
5. Michael Kors Jeans that have a flare so I think I can pass them off as bell bottoms (which are really hot right now)
6. Lucky Black Skinny Jeans
7. Two Vintage Silk Short Sleeves Tops- one cream the other a purple grey
8.Two necklaces

Denim Jacket..$4
Striped Tank/Dress...$1
Micheal Kors Jeans..$10
Lucky Black Jeans..$10
Both Necklaces..$6
Silk Crem Shirt..$2
Silk Purple/Grey Shirt...$3

9. This was the FIND of the day. I seriously could have just boughten this and gone home...Its an H&M Light Weight, Sloughy Jacket

H&M Jacket...$3

So, those where my finds of yesterday, thrifting around Phoenix in the 115 degree weather...I'm pretty sure that was not a smart idea, but the Lord did blessed me with some good finds, which I am very excited to add to my wardrobe.


  1. I love the fact that you shared the prices. Awesome finds!!! I can't believe you got all those watches for $5.

  2. See. I've learned that I must go THRIFT store shopping with you. When I go regular shopping with you, I typically drop at least a couple hundred bucks. I've been tagging along on the wrong shopping trips. P.S. I really do love the watch stacking thing, so we must get me some watches to stack. Plus, I wanna hear your funny story involving telling time later...