Weekly Wednesdays Obsessions......

This past week  I just cannot get enough of.....

1.Italian Soda, its super easy. Just fill your glass with sparkling water then pour about 1-2 teaspoons of flavoring...I normally just eyeball it

2.Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream...These delicious treats are on sale right now @ Fry's, so even though I shouldn't be buying them I just cannot help myself.

3. Arbonne I just started selling/using the product...and let me tell you WOW it's good! Especially the body wash and lotion. My skin feels like silk and so light..and that's an accomplishment in this dry, hot weather.

4. Our new Bread maker....I can already feel the pounds just rolling on, but gosh it's so good! Plus my husband and I make it together...so what's not to love about that.

5. Last but not least....Stacking Multiple Watches....I have seen it everywhere lately. Mine though needs some tweeking, I'm going to have to hit the thrift store to get a few more and different sizes also.

Here's a few pictures of where I got the inspiration


  1. ive never tried ben & jerrys & i really wanna try it! i wish i had lots of watches so i could try that watch look too.x


  2. My mom actually just went to the thrift store yesterday and picked me up some more smaller watches. And the best part is they were super cheap! It's fun to just layer them on like bracelets. But I keep looking down for the time and none of them work. Haha so my advice is to get at least one working one.

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  4. How often do you wear multiple watches? Are you still doing it? I love the look and wear a couple of Swatches all the time