My Etsy Loves....

Etsy is by far one of my FAVORITE websites....One can find literally anything, your heart desires and what's even more appealing, at least to me...is most of the stuff is handmade.

Here is some jewelry I recently just found, the shop is called 
Sam McCain, from the United Kingdom. They use vintage cabochons (A convex top and flat bottom),  beads and jewels, from the 1940s through to the 1980s. There earrings range from $18-20.

Here are some of my favorites

"Perfect Pink"

"Romantic Rose"

"Brandy Alexander"


Another fun store I found on Etsy is Berkley Illustrations, from Portland OR. There artwork is so unique and fun!! I am in LOVE with these three illustrations....
Prints range from $10-35.


"White Rabbit"


If you havent been to Etsy.com GO NOW....and if you have, what are some of your favorite stores to go look at, shop at, or just find inspirations....


  1. those first earrings are so pretty!x


  2. Thanks for checking out my blog...the Perfect Pink and Brandy Alexander ones are my favorites.


  3. I love the first earrings too. Must have! Out of the prints I ironically don't love the rabbit one the most. ;) The cheetah one cracks me up and I would totally hang up the peacock one in my room.