NEW to my Closet Family...

I am HAPPY to announce that I am the proud owner of Jeffery Campbell wedges--Whoa Woo...these are the ones I have been eyeing/drooling over all summer!!!

If you remember I posted about "Wedges..the Higher the better!" and in the post, I talked about these wedges and how they were on my want list!! Well, I am not going to lie, when things go on my want list, its more or less just a list, of things that I beyond love, but could only really dream about! Especially now that my hubby will be student teaching in the fall, which by the way, I am SO proud of him for being so close to graduating! Anyways..back to the amazing shoes!!

Where I found them...

I was shopping for work clothes at one of my favorite second hand stores, Buffalo Exchange, which normally I only find one thing out of what seems like 100. BUT, today was jackpot day!! I walked away with GREAT finds...2 dresses, 2 cool blouses, 1 sweet necklace, 1 fantastic bracelet, and 1 cute skirt that has elephants on it...weird I know but I promise it's cute...
BUT the BEST thing of all was the Jeffery Campbell Wedges..that I got for $35.


  1. i heart these!!! we get to start shopping....in two weeks. i need a fresh summer/fall wardrobe and shoes AND all house stuff.

  2. Oh my oh my. Those.Are.Amazing! Love the fabric, the wedge, the bottom. All fabulous!


  3. $35 is pretty friggen good for JCs. [High five!]

    Can't wait to see how you style them :)

    Castle Fashion