DIY necklace...Box Braid

The past couple of days have been CRAZY...with teacher meetings, organizing my classroom, and all that jazz. So, even though I should be doing something productive for work, I've been spending the last two evenings making this necklace.
Now I must confess, it took me watching 3 youtube videos on 'how to make a square knot' and my husband helping me to FINALLY figure out, how in the heck to do this square knot!!! It was however, a pretty simple necklace to make after I figured out how to do that stupid knot!

Supplies- 12 yards of Faux Suede cording
                   - assortment of washers, I picked mine up at Ace Hardware

Now I got this idea to make this necklace from this AWESOME
website Honestly...WTF they show, a step by step process on how to make the coolest things.

Here's a picture of their necklaces and the link to this particular necklace, they call it "Box Braid Necklace"  


I really like how they made two and layered them. So, I got a Coral Faux Sued to create another necklace, which I will be wearing them together.


  1. Wow! That is awesome Becca! :) Love it!

  2. i've been trying figure it out for hours. could you like show me a step by step? pretty please