LONGER the Better....

HELLO old Friend..I feel like its been ages since i've been on here..I do apologize, school started back up a few weeks ago, and it's been crazy, fun, exciting, and exhausting all at the same time. But I've loved every second!! 

ANYWAYS...I am LOVING these longer, mid calf-skirts, especially one's that have a pattern, a crazy print, or look like an old lady would wear them...which is weird for me, because I'm normally a plain jane kind of girl, lately though i've been drawn to patterns and prints, maybe I am giving in to the pressures of expanding my wardrobe to colors other then black and white, but even looking at the skirts below, I choose ones in a certain palette...more boring colors as my mom would put it, then look at me colors. 
Baby steps mom, baby steps.

Hunter and Gatherer....

Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs



Vena Cava

Bailey 44

Old Lady..

Yumi Kim


What do you think of the longer skirts that have been sweeping the fashion world?? Are you going to wear them his Fall? I know I will....

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  1. i thought the blogging world had lost you already. I'm so glad you're back. Get posting!! missed you at church last night.