Muti-Colored Hair.....YES Please.....

Muti-colored hair is becoming a huge fad right now. It's been around for awhile, first being seen in late 2010 in fashion shows and since on the Red Carpt. BUT, now even sweet Lauren Conrad decided to Multi-color her hair after her resent break-up from long term boyfriend, Kyle Howard. I love LC and her terrifc classic style.

On Lauren Conrad's blog, she posted a step by step on how to achieve this look.

When I was in my early 20s, my best friend and I would sometimes dye each other's hair. She was naturally a dark brunette, almost black, and I was a was bleach blonde. One day, she decided to dye her hair red!! and I was like "Heck yeah, let's do this". We dyed her hair, and after, there was still some dye left. So, we decided to dye the underneath of my hair red. We did it, not really thinking things out, and the red turned my bleach blonde BRIGHT PINK...luckily it was only underneath.

Needles to say, this was during my extremely Preppy stage of life (late 90s-early 2000). Don't judge, you know you have all had one, espeacilly if you watched Dawson's Creek. Plus, that's when Abercombie was the thing and they actually produced cloths, not these ridiculous 2 inch mini skirts.

Well, Preppy and hot pink hair does not go together, but at the time, I totally didn't care. I was young and I ended up LOVING it. I always think back to those days, and a part of me still wishes I had the pink underneath.

So, that's why when I saw that Multi-colored hair was becoming more of a popular trend, I couldn't help but remember the good old days of my pink and blonde hair.

If you are like me, and  really want to try Multi-color but if you actually dyed your hair you would get fired!! You can check out your favorite beauty supply store for clip ins, like these from Ulta for only $8 bucks...  

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  1. Love this look! I'd definitely stick with the clip in though!

    ♥ Gina Michele