Wednesday's Weekly Obsessions...

I have been loving this past week...

1. Anthropologie's Catalog- I have a confession, normally when I look threw their catalog I find maybe a handful of things that I like, but this new catalog, I LOVE IT...there isn't a page that I don't like at least one thing on!! I especially love this green cape. I've been trying to find a vintage cape for awhile now. No luck though....

2. Figs- I've been eating them like apples...they are delicious, you can get them now at Trader Joes or Fresh and Easy.

3. Chuck- my Hubby and I have just started watching the season, thanks to our good fiend Chris, she's letting us borrow the 1 & 2 seasons, SO far...WE are loving it!!

4. Ke$ha- I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have been listening to "The Remix Album" all week long!! Her songs just make me want to dance and be surrounded by glitter...


  1. lol...it's true. I love Kesha...and figs.

  2. what a great little post!
    this is great!
    i hope you'll come by and see my posts about my journey through spain and my first look since returning to the states!


  3. I love Chuck too!!! Love the green jeans!!
    Come follow my blog darling :)

  4. OMG...I was JUST looking through their catalog the other day and broke down and ordered one. Their new line is HOTT!!


  5. Yay! I FINALLY get a shout out in your Weds. weekly obsessions. Everyone should have a Chris. I'm wonderful. ;)

  6. My favorite is how you're going to dance and be surround by glitter. Like you'd think this place was about to "Blow Up!" :)

  7. the anthropology catalog always gets me! I saw this months issue and its amazing!

  8. i love chuck! one of my favorite shows :)