half moon...manicure

This look combines two ideas, the two toned nails and french tips, but with a twist. This "new" look pays homage to the 1940s burlesque era, with it's vintage vibe. It has been all the rage and is done best in eye popping colors with a white contrast. 
The idea is to completely paint your nails, but leave the ‘half-moon’ unpainted or painted in a different color at the base of the finger. Its an eye-catching look to spice up your nails. 

I am loving this look, plus I watched a youtube video on it. The girl came up with the best idea on how to accomplish this look, she used those circle reinforcements, the ones you use when you tear your page, that goes into your 3 ring binders. Iam sure they have a name...but to me they are the reinforcer circles...

Here's the video I found, that made it super easy to accomplish

Now, I just need to go to the store, to buy some those "reinforcer circles" so I can try this out....


  1. This is great. The colours are gorgeous :)

  2. Thanks for adding the tutorial. I loved the look, but had no idea how I would accomplish it. Now, I will be trying this very very soon.

    xo Shelly