my Lustful Summer..Prada

I am in LOVE with the Spring 2011 Prada line. The bold colors, the prints, AH...I'm in heaven when I look at this collection.  My top 3 picks, are the Banana Skirt, the Sunglasses, and the Orange and Pink Striped Fitted Dress.

Would you be so BOLD to wear a banana print? Or, would you feel like Chicita Banana?


  1. Oh I love the picture of the girl with the jean shirt paired with the bana skirt. Im not sure if i would wear the banana skirt or not but it looks adorable on her. I love the striped dress with the red wedges. Too cute. Have a great week!

  2. Before I would have been too shy to wear such loud colors but no more! Ever since I put on that fabulous dress from Anthroplogie I trust you and your fashion sense implicitly. That being said...let's work up to banana skirt print, but I loved the overall look.